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It's Esme Wilson here, I bought Soda from you in December 2006. Time has flown by with owning him. I thought I would email to thank you for such a wonderful horse. In the 2 years I've had him my confidence has grown a hundred times over and he is doing fantastically. He has won some dressage competitions, done a bit of small show jumping (he could go much higher but I am still a bit dithery at present), been hunting, x-country schooling, taken part in fun rides, got my Mum back into riding and has become a favourite of a lot of people. He does everything well and with a smile on his face and is the sweetest little horse imaginable. People never believe that he is still relatively young as he is so sensible and has given older horses confidence too many times to mention. I have included some recent photos, I don't know if you will recognise him now as he has grown a lot and filled out a great deal! We've also hogged him and he's a much paler colour now!
Thank you very much, he is a true star and I absolutely adore him!

thank you
thank you

" Hi Caroline, nice to talk to you today, have attached a picture of Bertie doing Pre Novice this year. I purchased him from you August 03, as he has matured he has changed colour so you probably wont recognise him. He is a real friendly character and we all love him. He now has BSJA winnings, been placed in intros and a pre-novice and we have come 10th in the South East Eventers League this year. He has qualified for many competitions this year including unaffiliated dressage.He has proved to be an excellent allrounder. Am looking forward to hearing from you as looking for another horse as discussed earlier. Bye for now. Lynne Underhill "
(November 2006)

Albury Equestrian Centre - Sand School
photo : Bertie Bassett